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Fishing is picking up a bit

Lately there’s been an increasing number of smaller fish getting caught off the wharf: jack smelt, perch, starry flounders, a couple leopard sharks, and a couple small stripers. Larger stripers were caught off the beach east of the wharf using cast masters and crocodiles. A number of dolphins have been around in the shallows, and a number of gray whales have been passing by.

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Perch off the Wharf

A couple of butterlip perch and half a dozen walleye came up off the Capitola wharf today. Yesterday a humpback whale was spotted a mile or so out.

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Dog Sharks!

Dave Anderson caught a 5lb dog shark off the wharf yesterday and some people got more of them off the beach.В  Today there were some starry flounders close to the beach off the wharf.В  I heard of a couple stripers off the beach in Rio del Mar caught on crocodiles.

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Spotted a grey whale off the mile reef from the Capitola wharf today!

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Jack smelt and a nice salmon

Not much change from the last report, except someone got a nice 30lb salmon straight out of the harbor entrance, and one of the rental boats got into a bunch of jack smelt. Looks like there will be a little rain on Saturday, but Sunday looks pretty nice. More as it happens….

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Decent wharf fishing

Off the wharf, Pete got a striper this weekend – 15 inches – the first sizable one of the season. Perch fishing is off and on right now, with the afternoon bite being best. Some barred perch and black perch, and a couple of starry flounders (biggest about 14 inches) came in as well.

Only a few boats are going out with cod closed. The few boats that did go out had some sizable rock cod. One boat today out past the mile reef had two big fish on that broke off.

First gray whale of the season was spotted outside the marina today in Capitola, and the weather is beautiful. Bait should be on its way soon.

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Capitola Marina Opens

Starting April 30th you can moor your boat at one of the most awesome spots on Monterey Bay. Call the Capitola store for more details.

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