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Rockcod Opener Tommorow

May 1st 2008 is the opening of rockcod season!!!! Things are shaping up and looking like it will be good fishing. There are still a few boats available for tommorow and the next few days, so call and make your reservations. Walk-ins are welcome, but there are no guaranties if there will be boats available. We open at 6:30am. and boats must be back in by 3:00pm

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More Legal Halibut

Mike and Kurtis with more legal Halibut
More legal halibut are starting to show off the wharf!

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Fishing Is Picking Up!!

Today there were several nice size jacksmelt and walleye perch caught. There was also two more legal Halibut caught. Fishing seems to be getting better and better everyday and the Rockcod opener is Just a couple more days away!!(Thursday) Come on down and try your luck off the wharf or reserve your Boat for Rockcod Season!

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Captain, there be whales here

Whale watchers have been having a blast on the rentals this weekend – there have been a whole bunch of humpback whales out there. Ed saw one come up just outside the Capitola marina this morning.

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Barely Legal Halibut!

First Wharf Halibut of 2008
Ken caught this barely legal halibut fishing mid-range on the wharf using surf leader setup w/ cut frozen anchovies. Congratulations Ken!

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Evening bite off the Capitola wharf was 3 cabezone up to 22 inches with muscles

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First Anchovies of the Year

Late in the afternoon Dan, Kurtis, and Ed went out. Whales and sea lions were showing that there was some bait out in front in 50 to 60 feet of water. Caught 60 in 1.5 hours on bait jigs, one or two at a time. We saw bait balls on the meter but they were hard to stay on as they were moving around pretty good.

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Rumor Mill – Sardines at Cement Ship

Just got word there may be sardines at the cement ship. There have been reports of sardines out of Moss Landing for a couple weeks now – they may finally be moving our way. Also rumor of a 19 inch striper in the cement ship area.

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Perch Again

Don got a 17 inch barred perch off the wharf yesterday early afternoon using dead anchovie on a surf leader. Also Cathy got two guitar skates using shrimp on a surf leader. The squid are still around – Kurtis and Josh jigged up some more yesterday. Nothing has happened so far today.

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Live Bait! (sort of)

Small Squid
Ed netted a bunch of small squid off the floating dock earlier today, and Kurtis says he ran into quite a bit of it out on the bay. Otherwise, not much action – one perch today so far on the wharf. You can buy the squid for a quarter a piece while they last. Kurtis says this means within the next week or so there should be halibut showing up with the possibility of a wide open bite. Make your skiff reservations soon!

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Rumor Mill – Stripers

A number of keeper striped bass have been coming in in the area between Rio del Mar and the Cement ship. Rumor is they’re just using dead bait.В В  If you’re into marine mammals, there have been *lots* of sea otters in the area the last few days – fun for kayakers.

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Sand Dabs

Glenn Larson got into a whole bunch (150+) small sand dabs in 115 feet of water straight off the Capitola wharf today using squid on a sand dab jig. Most were small, but some were up to 13 inches.

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Rumor Mill – Stripers at Rio del Mar

Just got word of two nice striped bass – 6 and 15 lbs – caught off of Rio del Mar. No word on what they used.

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Small halibut off Capitola wharf

Darn. Mike got the first halibut of the season with a white fluke bass lure in the surf line. It was only 14 inches (not legal) but – they’re coming!

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Rumor mill

Really clear water
Some leopard sharks were caught off New Brighton state beach yesterday. Some bait was spotted off the cement ship, and a striper was caught there as well – don’t know if it was legal or not.

Boccie went out to try for some bait yesterday – no bait, but a bunch of baby lingcod came up in the net.

Sea surface temperature charts show that some much warmer water is moving into our area – up to as high as 60 degrees near the immediate coast (Capitola and Santa Cruz), and so far the water remains amazingly clear (see photo).

Awesome diving weather for the weekend perhaps (and spearfishing for rock cod is legal right now).

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Floating dock is in!!

Floating Dock Goes In
Let the fun begin! Our floating dock is in the water as of today, and it couldn’t be a more beautiful day! Come on down and enjoy the sun.

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Easier subscriptions!

We’ve added some widgets that make subscribing to our fishing reports and announcements easier. Look in the lower-right corner of the page. If you use any of the aggregator services listed you can just click on the corresponding icon and you’ll be all set up. You can also subscribe directly in your browser with the “Posts” link.

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