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More Good Fishing Off Capitola Reef

Steve from Davenport/ 11.5lb Ling
Steve and his buddy had a successful fishing trip off Capitola Reef using swim baits to find fish… Once the bites slowed they used frozen bag Anchovies to entice more bites.

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Small but, it’ll do…

Halibut - small but legal
Dave got this legal halibut working the shallows at Capitola reef along with a nice limit of grass cod, and he lost a big ling. Halibut was caught on a halibut rig with a dead anchovie working the edge of the kelp. Lingcod was lost because the treble hook broke (darn!).

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Kinda slow

Since Monday, there were two legal halibut caught off the wharf (Capitola) using frozen anchovies, and one on a rental boat using swim bait. We’ve not had many rental boats out so it’s hard to say if that really means anything. A private boater out of the harbor picked up an 18 pound halibut trolling off Soquel point in 50 feet of water.

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Sun but windy

Grubing it
Most anglers had a hard time today . Brian was one of the lucky ones on Capitola reef .

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A step up from jack smelt

Grass and Black and Yellow cod
Our friends Jeffrey and Carla returned to Capitola this time to try out fishing from a boat. They were overjoyed to catch these nice grass and black and yellow cod off the Capitola reef. They had a lot more on but were fishing too light of a tackle. They’d have been more successful with either a heavier spinning rod outfit or bait casting rod. Swim baits are the key to bagging nice cod. Regardless, these guest teachers from the Philippines are smiling ear to ear as you can see – beginners luck rules!

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Aggressive cabezon in the shallows

Jeromy and his sons lured these cabezon with swim baits off Capitola reef. They also had a limit of rock cod – mostly grass.

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Rumor Mill – White Sea Bass


A rental boat was fishing in 50 feet of water tossing kastmasters and hooked two fish that they chased down and lost. The fish they described sounded like a couple of very nice white sea bass.

Not rumor: Several rock fish (Glen got his limit again as usual), a few short lingcod off Capitola reef, and a 15 pound halibut was caught off Pleasure Point.

On the Capitola wharf, there was also a 30 pound striper found swimming in the shallows.

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NICE Striper on the Capitola Wharf

Mike gets a striper
Mike flylining on a live anchovy behind the bait shop hooked into this 18 pound striper! Later in the day did battle with a 50 pound bat ray (and lost).

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Biggest so far

Live bait bobber surf

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Leopard shark – Capitola wharf

Ed and Leopard Shark
Ed has been on a roll today – he got this leopard shark off the Capitola Wharf using one of the aforementioned live anchovies.

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The Bass Have Arrived

Ed Burrel with 10lb Seabass
Ed displays his 10lb White Seabass caught while fishing off Capitola on a sassy shad swimbait.

There is finally some Anchovies around so fishing should be getting better each day.

Weather this coming holiday weekend looks like it is going to be good so make your reservations before they fill up!!!

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Anchovies!!!!! (the LIVE kind)

Ed went out and gave Boccie and Kevin a hand bringing in the first anchovies of the season. We have them both on the wharf and in the receiver on the floating dock. Come n get em!

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Green swim bait bagged another

Happy angler
fishing picked up on the wharf .many halibut shorties over the weekend with three legal hook ups today. There were also several large jacksmelt caught using dead bait.

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Halibut off Capitola Reef

Capitola reef halibut
Hernando and Justin enticed this flattie with white swim bait off the Capitola reef. Also a nice halibut was lost off the mile reef in Santa Cruz, and someone called Todd at Bayside in Santa Cruz saying they got a 30 inch halibut in the same area.

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More ling off Capitola Reef

Nice lingcod
These happy anglers caught this ling on a frozen anchovy. They also got several nice grass cod with swim bait, all off the Capitola reef.

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Jack smelt off the wharf

Jack smelt happiness
Carla and Jeffrey from Mountain View were very happy with their jack smelt haul today off the Capitola Wharf. They caught them with anchovies and a bobber. Several small halibut were caught off the wharf today as well, and a striper came up after a swim bait. None were landed so far.

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Heating up on the wharf

Small halibut
Don caught this nice 22 1/2 inch halibut off the Captiola wharf using frozen anchovies and a bobber. Pelicans have been seen diving by the wharf the last few days – could be either squid or jack smelt.В  Weather has been beautiful!

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