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Few boats But, lucky anglers

Happy Mother Day Mom

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Shea day with dad

S hea day with dad

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Third time the charm

pretty girl nice fish
Bill used the girls luck to cath some nice cod

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Shallow Water Pays Off…..

Rubin And His Buddy Display A Halibut and Lingcod

The shallow water has been paying off for the anglers that fish hard. Several Grasscod with a few Lingcod and small Halibut have been coming in on the boats that are fishing the edges of the kelp beds. Boaters fishing in the deeper water are still catching nice quality Bolina Rockfish as well.

The wharf fishing is starting to really get good with lots of Perch on the pilings. We have yet to see any bait around the pier but hopfully things will improve with the Stripers and Halibut to follow.

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