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Biggest so far

Live bait bobber surf

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Leopard shark – Capitola wharf

Ed and Leopard Shark
Ed has been on a roll today – he got this leopard shark off the Capitola Wharf using one of the aforementioned live anchovies.

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The Bass Have Arrived

Ed Burrel with 10lb Seabass
Ed displays his 10lb White Seabass caught while fishing off Capitola on a sassy shad swimbait.

There is finally some Anchovies around so fishing should be getting better each day.

Weather this coming holiday weekend looks like it is going to be good so make your reservations before they fill up!!!

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Anchovies!!!!! (the LIVE kind)

Ed went out and gave Boccie and Kevin a hand bringing in the first anchovies of the season. We have them both on the wharf and in the receiver on the floating dock. Come n get em!

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