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Halibut are getting bigger

11 pound Halibut
Kurtis got this 11 pound flattie in 50 feet of water by the mile reef in Capitola using live sardines on a halibut rig. He also had a white sea bass on off the point but it ran into the kelp and broke off.

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Rock cod heating up

Al and Dave out of the harbor were fishing around the mile buoy in Santa Cruz and had no problem catching their limit of blacks, blues, and lingcod up to 12 pounds. Lots of bait has been showing up in the bay, mostly sardines – moving fast – being chased by white sea bass and unmentionables.

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June 7 is Free Fishing Day

June 7 2008 is Free Fishing Day – you don’t need a license to fish from a boat on this day.

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