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Quarter inch shortS

One of two short halibut, one at the beginning of wharf and one at the end.

Bait was a bit hard to find today, so halibut fishing suffered.As the afternoon easterlies picked up, a huge number of shearwaters were spotted straight out of Capitola working heavily on something, so bait is likely “around” … “somewhere”…

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Glassy water day

Big Grass cod                        glas
Weather was beautiful today – warm and little wind. Looks like tomorrow will be even warmer.

We had many of our Capitola boats out – the hoist at our Santa Cruz location has mechanical problems that we won’t be able to fix ’til sometime next week.

Most boats got fish today, only a few with limits. Lots of grass cod, and two nice lings. There were two reports of thresher sharks, one from a rental boat and one from a private. The one from the rental didn’t make it to shore, so it was probably short. The one from the private – dunno…?

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