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The word from Santa Cruz

We only launched five boats out of Santa Cruz today, but all had limits of rock cod, mostly in front of the lighthouse. Scotty bagged a 36 inch 15 pound lingcod in 70 feet of water off natural bridges on live anchovies. And Da Kim reported catching a 16 pound halibut in 60 feet of water off of natural bridges as well. Todd at Bayside may have some additional news from Santa Cruz.

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Wharf fishing is interesting…

Justin and Striper
In the morning there were quite a few halibut caught off the wharf – it slowed down in the afternoon. Late in the afternoon Justin bagged this 23 inch striper using live anchovies, and the day’s not over yet.

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Rock Cod in Capitola

Grass Cod
This lucky angler hooked up with these two grass cod on the Capitola reef using swim baits. We didn’t see many rock cod today, though one boat came in with limits of grass cod, some browns, and a cabezon.

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Nice halibut in Capitola

Serge and family and halibut
Serge and family landed this very nice 20 pound halibut off Soquel point in 60 feet of water using a live jack smelt. That makes this one the high liner of the day – I guess persistence pays off!

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Slow going on the boats

It’s been pretty disappointing on the boats so far today – just a rock cod here and there. There’s still bait all over the place, but the seals have figured this out and they’re working the schools, which is spooking the fish (or something).

Weather wise it’s been pretty nice – today started off with some high level fog which has cleared off – we now have sunny skies and a light cool breeze.

More as it happens.

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Couple more halibut

Kurtis and Larry just hooked up a couple of small halibut – 24 and 25 inches – off the Capitola wharf using live bait.

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Capitola Shorties

Folks have brought up about 10 short halibut off the Capitola wharf so far today. In the middle of all that, Mike had a 15 pounder get away from him.

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