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Sharks gone wild

Sand Shark
These folks hooked up this 10 pound sand shark just on the edge of the Capitola kelp this morning using squid a halibut rig.

In other news, Kurtis and Josh did battle with a mako out in deep water today while commercial fishing. They saw the rod bounce, then go slack, then started reeling it in.. The fish turned and took two giant cartwheeling jumps then turned and charged the boat on the surface with mouth open. There was much excitement. :) It finally went under the boat, took another run, jumped again, and finally snapped the line after another five minutes of fighting. Kurtis says it was about the size of the one on this page. Lots more exciting than watching golf I think.

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Like Father Like Son

Happy Fathers Day
[note: we meant to post this last night but ran into some technical difficulties]

Most anglers gave up a too early today – later in the afternoon folks came in with some quality rock cod caught on shrimp fly jigs and bits of squid.

Josh bagged this 15 pound halibut off the Capitola mile reef using live anchovies.

Rumor: Santa Cruz boats caught limits on rock cod, and there were two nice legal lings off natural bridges.

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Comments enabled

We’ve enabled moderated comments to fishing report posts to see if you find it valuable. Please feel free to add your own sightings, landings, etc to the report – the more quality info we get from you the better this report gets!

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Re-fixed fishing report archive link

The fishing report archive link now works a bit better.В  The first incarnation didn’t work at all, the second too you to the first page of the fishing report category page.В  This new incarnation takes you to page 2 of the category page, which is more likely what you’d expect when you hit that link.

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