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We’ve enabled moderated comments to fishing report posts to see if you find it valuable. Please feel free to add your own sightings, landings, etc to the report – the more quality info we get from you the better this report gets!

June 16, 2008   Posted in: Announcements and News, Fishing Reports

5 Responses

  1. Dasein - June 16, 2008

    Nothing to see here, move along :)

  2. Peter K - June 16, 2008

    Great site, Ed, and even better to allow messages.

  3. Capitola Boat and Bait - June 16, 2008

    Thanks Peter. Hopefully the report will get better with more eyes on the water.

  4. Chris - June 17, 2008

    I check your report everyday! keep up the good work, and thank you.

  5. Serge - June 19, 2008

    Ed, this is excellent site. I’m checking it out almost daily ;)