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A few rock fish here and there

Not much excitement today. Aside from ling cod about the only other thing going on was some rock cod here and there. Nothing to write home about, but then that’s why they call it fishing.

Seas are calm, the sky is clear, and there’s a pretty full moon out.В  Some say that’s a formula for an early bite – we’ll see.

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Better chlorophyll images

I just re-rendered all the chlorophyll images so that they use a more reasonable range on the color scale. They had been looking as if we all live in a swamp here – it’s a bit more readable now.

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Lings at south rock

Sheriff Larry just got back from fishing around south rock in Santa Cruz with his family.В  They hooked up a couple of decent lings and had one pretty big one get away.В  His impression was that lings around there are pretty good right now.

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