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Santa Cruz: Nice halibut

A boat fishing in front of the harbor caught a 15 pound pacific halibut yesterday using live sardines. Kinda strange given the southern swell and the area – pacific halibut are kinda rare around here.

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Added technical weather forecast

We’ve added the NWS technical weather forecast discussion to our forecast products here.В  It’s tricky reading, but sometimes helps a lot with longer term planning as far as weather is concerned.

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Capitola: We have live bait!

Birds working a bait ball
Birds were going crazy working bait in the marina last night – Ed scored a pretty good number of anchovies with the throw net. We have some in the tank on the wharf and some in the receiver on “dinghy island”. Get ‘em while they last.

Ed saw a bunch of stripers dashing through the bait while he was netting them, so there are stripers around. We’ve had very few boats going out here over the last week so it’s hard to say for sure what’s out there. The few boats that did go out did not catch much.В  But – bait has definitely moved in, so there’s probably fish somewhere.

Aside from all that, weather here has been incredibly nice. The south swell (which finally made it into the forecast) is starting to lay down, the skies are clear, and it’s been unbelievably warm with a cool sea breeze once you get near the water. Weather wise it looks like an beautiful weekend coming up.

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