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Capitola: Lots of blinky lights and booms … and some fish

Andy and his Halibut
Andy is the highliner so far today with this legal halibut and a few rock fish caught off the Capitola reef. Most boats came in with jack smelt – pretty decent sized ones that were fun to catch.

A line of thunderstorms queued up on the coast today. These were quickly followed by a pretty hasty retreat of all our rental boats from the water… except for Glenn, who basically took off in the middle of the heaviest stuff ‘cuz “fishing goes off the hook in this kind of weather you guys!”

Glenn called in a while ago and said he hooked up on some short white sea bass. Hopefully he finds some bign’s. The lightning and thunder seem to be settling down now, so (as usual) Glenn’s probably going to end up coming in with a bounty. Glenn cannot be stopped.

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Capitola: Keeper halibut off the wharf

Kurtis just brought in a legal halibut off the wharf using a live anchovy.

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Capitola: White sea bass off the wharf

Someone just hooked up a white sea bass off the wharf on a live anchovy. And *again* it was lost during landing. No word on the size – never got a chance.

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Capitola: Shaker halibut off the wharf

This morning has seen quite a few shaker halibut around on the wharf – behind the bait shop in particular. One was supposedly legal but it got away after landing it – slippery hands or something. Darn.

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Capitola: Thresher sharks at New Brighton

Kevin from Boccie Boy Bait caught a bunch thresher sharks around New Brighton beach. He brought in 26 of them there over the last two days. Kevin fishes commercially from a classic double ender lampara boat, so he’s getting these as part of his commercial operation. He thinks they’re probably still around. How you catch them is a different story :) But – they may well be out there and they sure are fun to catch — and eat!

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