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Capitola: Thresher party. And of course Glenn

Greg and family and thresher
It was quite a day for thresher sharks around here. Here’s Greg holding the thresher he caught earlier (the one the little guy was holding). Gordon hooked up another two threshers up by O’Neil’s outside the kelp bed using live anchovies.

And of course Glenn Larson got his limit of cod and his first legal halibut in the Capitola reef area with live anchovies and swim baits.

A couple of rental boats got limits of rock cod, and some were having fun catching the jack smelt which are still large and still fun to catch.

Over the radio we heard that Todd at Bayside got his first halibut of the season, and Randy got a 20 pounder.

People caught several anchovies off the wharf today, and there was one sizable perch caught – we didn’t get a picture though (busy with boats).

The swells have continued to subside, and bait remains in the area. Each afternoon for the last few days huge clouds of birds have worked the bait just outside the marina and toward New Brighton – same thing tonight.

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Capitola: Thresher in the marina

Thresher Shark
Greg caught this one right in the Capitola marina using a live anchovy. This little guy helped us get the picture ‘cuz Greg went right back out. Pretty cool.

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Capitola: Bait hopping in the marina

Looks like it’s going to be a nice day today, and there’s lots of bait jumping in the marina. We still have boats available today – come on down if you feel like getting a hook or two wet.

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Capitola: Glenn…

…came back in last night with limits of browns and a legal ling. He hooked up on three short white sea bass during his expedition.

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