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Capitola: Fashionably late

Rich just informed me that he saw someone hook up with a 25 inch white sea bass off the end of the wharf at about 7:30pm – no additional details (and that, also, is fishing).

Also for those of you who might be interested, Bayside Marine in Santa Cruz has organized a fishing tournament for the weekend of July 4th.

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Capitola: And…. not so much…

So – Ed just got back and the word is “a definite slow down”. He got another short halibut, two small brown rock cod (browns), and a short lingcod. It looked like the majority of the bait moved down to New Brighton in the shallows. So – aside from the one legal white sea bass in the morning, they seem to have moved off.

Also – the action on the wharf went to basically zero. Everything seems to have moved away.В  That’s fishing.

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Deduced much desired new feature

After puzzling over the web logs for some weeks now I think I finally figured out why so many of you go into the individual fishing report items from the main report:

No Time Stamp



So I *think* I’m going to make a lot of you happy by the fact that I just added time stamps to the bottom of all fishing report entries on the main fishing report page.



While we’re talking about time, you may or may not have noted that photos in the gallery have time stamps associated with them. Those time stamps are “EXIF” data that the camera stamps into the photo file itself, so they indicate where the camera’s clock was when the photo was snapped. Just fyi.

В [edit]

The times are off by one hour – subtract one hour from what the time stamp says ’til further notice.

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4th of July Fishing Tournament

Bayside Marine is having a fishing tournament during the July 4th weekend for halibut, lingcod, sea bass, tuna, striped bass, and rock fish. The entry fee is $30 per person for the entire weekend – July 4-6, or $15/day.

If you want to participate in the tournament but don’t have a boat, we can set you up! Make your boat reservations at our Santa Cruz and Capitola locations, and call Bayside at 831-475-2173 to sign up for the tournament.

If you’ve never been in a tournament before, give it a try! For the price of entry and a boat rental, you’ll have a blast and there are some great prizes for the winners. Some of the prizes are worth more than $400!

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Capitola: They’re still here

Report from Ed (who is out fishing right now) is: he got one short flattie so far, and one of the other boats got a legal white sea bass using a live anchovy. Nothing has come in on the wharf so far today.

Also – the bait (anchovies) are still in the area. Those of us who live aboard in the marina can attest to this as this morning the water sounded like rain. There’s still some live bait in the tank on the wharf as well.

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Capitola: Fishing so good even a sailor can catch a fish – take 2

Tony and white sea bass
Tony (a sailor, and damn proud of it!) hooked up this 29 inch 7.5 pounder just off the wharf yesterday afternoon flylining a live anchovy. [ picture post went haywire yesterday afternoon ]

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