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Capitola: Late seabass bite

White sea bass in cooler
Mike and Pete got into some more white sea bass just now. They’ve been flylining live anchovies from a canoe at the edge of the kelp that everyone’s been on today and got these two – one’s 28 inches, the other is 30. They’ve gone back out to see if they can find some more. Seems the way to go today has been to make sure you do *not* have motorized propulsion on whatever you’re fishing from.

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Santa Cruz: Nice ling from a rental

Word from Santa Cruz has been slow in coming lately, but today we heard that David H brought in a 7 pound ling from around the whistle buoy from one of our Santa Cruz rentals.

Josh has heard it from the horse’s mouth however that halibut fishing has been picking up very nicely just off the light house in Santa Cruz, so there’s definitely some opportunity there.

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Capitola: Photo finish

Cris and Ling and Mike and Halibut
This is just a photo update for the lingcod and halibut from the earlier report – Cris got the ling, Mike got the halibut. Nice catch!

Also a kayaker today – we didn’t get a name – got a 28.5 inch (legal) white sea bass fishing the edge of the eastern kelp beds today. Many of the private power boats around him were getting shorts. He said he’d be back tomorrow – hopefully we’ll get a name.

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Improved feed performance (probably)

I’ve enabled something that I believe will cause feed aggregators (like google reader, etc) to immediately pick up posts when added.В  So – if you subscribe to the feeds from within an feed aggregator and found it was lagging, it should be working better now.В  I’ve also increased the feed entries-at-a-time from 10 to 20 articles.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – it’s those various buttons on the bottom right side of the page that go to google, yahoo, etc.

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Time stamp issues resolved

There were a couple of things throwing post time stamps off by about an hour. They’ve been resolved. Blog entries posted prior to this post will continue to have incorrect time stamps ( you need to subtract about an hour from the reported time to get the actual time of the post). From this point forward however all posts will have a correct time stamp.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Capitola: Nice fishing around the kelp beds

Chris just came in to get some more bait, and tells us that he’s been doing ok fishing the edge of the kelp bed to the west of the wharf. So far he’s gotten 5 rock cod, 1 legal ling, and 1 legal halibut, all caught using live anchovies.

A number of other boats are fishing that area now and are doing similarly well. We have rental boats available still in Capitola if you want to get in on the action.

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