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Santa Cruz: Halibut picking up

Looks like Josh’s horse’s mouth spoke the truth. Steve M caught a 25 pound halibut off one of our rentals right between the wharf and the mile buoy using squid in Santa Cruz today.

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Capitola: Still good fishing on the reef

Happy rockfish anglers
Our intrepid visiting teachers returned and bagged some rock fish today. There’s still some quality rock fish catching going on on the Capitola reef.

Also, another boat fishing the reef area caught a 7 pound lingcod and a 15 pound thresher shark using live smelt.

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Capitola: Sea bass down, halibut up

Art and big flattie
The seabass bite seems to have gone away today. For a while people were catching and releasing lots of shorties, but that petered out later in the day. Meanwhile, halibut fishing seems to have taken a turn for the better. Art landed this beautiful 27 pounder using live anchovies in 40 feet of water off O’Neil’s.

There’s still plenty of bait to be jigged up – same story – too thin for a throw net, so jigging is the way to go.

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Capitola: Cloudy, drizzly, cool, and some bait

There’s a lot of bait in the shallows, but it’s not balled up – just thin on the surface. So a throw net isn’t going to be useful right now. Sabiki bait jigs are working well though. Look for jumping bait, dark spots, and bird action. We’ve seen some good pelican diving action near the beach today.

There are about 10 boats working the same area of kelp as yesterday. No word yet.

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