Capitola: Umm…YEAH Baby!

Ken M and BIG flatties
Ken M scored these two flatties off O’Neil’s today from his kayak using live anchovies and a 1/2 oz weight. The small one is 15 pounds. The big one is 34.6 pounds!!!!

He caught the 15 pounder first, and had it flapping around on the back of the kayak when he hooked up the monster. When he got it to the surface, he got a boga grip onto it and basically rode it like a horse. He doesn’t recall how long of a ride it was, though – you know – who would?

Congratulations Ken!!

Needless to say – sounds like halibut in the O’Neil’s area looks pretty good at the moment.

Just a reminder: The clock is ticking to sign up for Bayside Marine’s 4th of July weekend tournament.

June 27, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports