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Capitola: Rock fish at the mile reef

Bodey and Sevannah and Rock Fish
This post is a bit late, but Bodey and Sevannah caught some nice rock fish out by the mile reef using jigged anchovies.

On the wharf today a couple of sharks were landed – one leopard and one dog – both went back in the water. There was a lot of bait to be had jigging off the wharf. One angler was particularly happy with that as she said she just fries the bait up with a little salt and pepper in olive oil for an awesome meal.

At the end of the day here the weather remains nice, though at one point the sun was orange due to the high-level smoke from the fires.

Right now we have lots of birds – including pelicans – working the marina. So – the bait is back, but again it is both plentiful and thin – jigging remains the way to go.

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Capitola: Thresher off New Brighton

Renato friends and thresher shark
Renato reeled in this 30 pound thresher fishing in 35 feet of water off New Brighton. He was using live anchovies.

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Capitola: Halibut straight off the wharf

Glen and Flattie
Glen bagged this 25 pounder in 40 feet of water straight off the wharf using a live anchovy. Glen is a machine – a single minded fish catching machine. Congratulations Glen!

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Capitola: Little guy, big fish III

Braden and Ling
Braden brought in this 8lb ling off Soquel point using dead anchovies on a rental boat today. Congratulations Braden!

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Capitola: Big stripers between cement ship and New Brighton

We got a report from Greg Inloes today that some big have been spotted between the cement ship and New Brighton. See comment on this post.

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Capitola: Ling on light gear

Oliver and Ling
Oliver caught this 24 inch ling fishing around the kelp just off O’Neil’s. Extra cool part: he caught it on a Sabiki while jigging for bait!

Today started out foggy, and there was a lot of bait in the marina, with birds working. The fog has cleared out and the breeze has been staying down, so it’s still pretty decent on the water.

There’s not been a lot of talk on the radio so far, but we have many rentals out so there will be news eventually. There are still some rentals available if you want to get out there today.

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