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Capitola: Ed’s Halibut

Ed and Halibut
As promised, here’s Ed and his halibut. He kinda jojo’d the estimate – it ended up being more like 15 pounds. Darn.

Lots of activity continues in the area, but the fish must have eaten their fill as they haven’t bitten on much of anything since this morning. Through the day there were lots of jack mackerel, sardines, and anchovies to be had jigging. Else, not much action.

In Santa Cruz, south rock was producing a decent number of rock cod most of the day, and Sheriff Larry lost a big ling.

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Capitola: Radio fish

Word over the radio just now: someone fishing the kelp bed toward New Brighton said they brought in a decent halibut and a number of rock fish in about 9 feet of water.

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Capitola: Another flattie off O’Neil’s

Ed just called and said he brought in a nice 18-20 pound halibut off O’Neil’s just before 9:00 this morning using live anchovies (picture later).В  There are other boats around him – so far he’s not seen others with fish coming up, but the day is young.

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Capitola: Lots of telltale action in the marina

This morning under a good marine layer the marina area is really showing a lot of telltale activity: lots of sea lions, pelicans, and birds working from the kelp to the west of the wharf through the marina. Same story – lots of bait, spread out thin.

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