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Eh – there’s always tomorrow

Pelicans working the marina
Not much to talk about today – there was essentially nothing going on on the radio, and the few people who did go out (there weren’t many) didn’t do well (as far as we could tell). There’s a rumor that rock fishing was good somewhere around Santa Cruz, but it’s third hand info so – buyer beware. Ed only got one dog shark and one sand shark today, though he didn’t fish all day.

So, all that despite the fact that there continue to be birds, pelicans, and sea lions working the bait pretty well. Sheriff Larry thinks they’ve just gotten their fill. Ed thinks that it may be that the slight southern swell we had the last few days may have had something to do with it as well.

Regardless, it was a beautiful day today – started out with upper level fog which burned off into some nice sun. The breeze stayed down to something reasonable, so it was in any case a great day to be on the water.

We live to try another day…. and so it goes :)

By the way – if you have more/better info about how today (or any day) went, you can always post a comment. The more eyes on the water the better. Just click on the thing that says the number of comments below the post – that gets you to the comment form.

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Pretty slow today

Not much going on – the radio has been silent. Ed has been out fishing this morning and he’s only caught a dog shark so far. He saw one other boat get some kind of shark as well.В  Sheriff Larry says he thinks the fish are just full up ‘cuz of all the bait in the area of late. Darn.

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Capitola: Morning view

The seas and windds are calm and there’s a marine layer though it’s not too close to the deck. The swell that appeared to be sneaking in yesterday seems to have layed down, and birds have just begun working the marina area – but not as heavily as yesterday. No reports radio or otherwise yet. Just a few boats out so far.

Don’t forget to register for the Bayside Marine 4th of July tournament!

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