Pretty slow today

Not much going on – the radio has been silent. Ed has been out fishing this morning and he’s only caught a dog shark so far. He saw one other boat get some kind of shark as well.В  Sheriff Larry says he thinks the fish are just full up ‘cuz of all the bait in the area of late. Darn.

July 1, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports

2 Responses

  1. chris - July 1, 2008

    Beside anchoives, any other bait fish that can be caught ?

  2. Capitola Boat and Bait - July 1, 2008

    Chris, I didn’t get the word on that, but I’d guess it’s pretty much the same as yesterday, so probably sardines and jack smelt (depending on where you’re fishing). It changes from day to day though.