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Regarding fishing licenses

We just got a whole bunch of day licenses in at both locations, so that earlier bit about “get your licenses beforehand just to be sure” isn’tВ  a concern now unless you want to get a season license.

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Capitola: Browns in the kelp

Cutters and Browns
The Cutter kids had a great time on the water today in a rental, and pulled up a couple of nice brown rock cod to boot. These were caught near the kelp bed to the east of the wharf using squid. You don’t always need to land a monster to be happy with your catch, that’s for sure.

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Capitola: Halibut for dinner

Petits and Halibut and Brown
The Petit family got into some dinner today when they hooked up a couple of browns and a 25 inch halibut on frozen anchovies off Soquel point in a rental boat.

No photo on Bayside yet regarding that radio-fish limit of halibut, so you may have to pull out the warrantee on that one. The Petits might be in the running for today’s high-liners. Fishing has been slow because of all the bait, but there *are* fish out there, and there’s great weather – all you need is some patience and luck.

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Santa Cruz: Radio fish – Halibut limits

Just over the radio – a boat out of Santa Cruz is coming in with a limit of halibut caught in 40 feet of water off the lighthouse using blue kajikis. Largest fish estimated to 25 pounds. Bayside Marine might have a photo later.

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Capitola: Darn

One of our private launchers just came in with news that he had something hit *hard* a couple times on a new hair raiser while he was fishing the reef. Sounds great, but brought it up and found that he’d left the cap on the end of the hook. Ooof!

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Capitola: Live Bait

We have live bait in the tank on the wharf and in the receiver now – anchovies – lots.

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Morning view (or lack thereof)

This morning some pretty thick fog is blanketing the coast (though it’s starting to burn off), seas and winds are calm, tide is out, and there’s still bait. The bait has started to ball up, so it might be possible to do some throw-netting. The pelicans are diving and the birds are chirping. Something’s bound to open up soon.

Over the radio it sounds like the big bait seiners are out in force today in our area making runs on squid, and one boat talked about hooking up a short ling, probably off Soquel point (that’s a guess). We’ll see what the day brings.

We have boats available for rent today if you’ve got the itch. Also just a reminder: If you plan on renting a boat over the upcoming holiday weekend, please call to reserve yours now so you don’t end up boatless and disappointed; the reservations are going to go fast. Also – be sure to get a fishing license. We have some day licenses and more on order, but orders have been slow in coming so again – best to plan ahead.

Also note that we’ve reduced our water taxi prices, so staying for a night or two will be easier on the pocket book.

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