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Reminder: Fishing tournament starts tomorrow!

If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t worry – you can start at any time through the weekend. Bayside Marine has posted details about rules and prizes on their web site. Sounds like some pretty cool prizes!

If you want to fish from one of our rental boats, you can do it from either of our locations. Registration and weigh ins are at Bayside in Santa Cruz.

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Capitola: Should have had a stronger gaff

Steve and Halibut
Jim Salvino and his buddy Steve fishing Soquel point picked up and landed this 15 pound halibut but lost a 25 pounder in 40 feet of water using live anchovies. The second one was lost because their gaff broke. Bummer!

Also – Joey – the one in the earlier post – landed a short halibut off the wharf today. He’s just warming up I think.

On the radio, we heard of some halibut out in front of the lighthouse – this one is reliable because the one who caught it asked for the legal length. He said he got one 27 inches long, and as he was telling me, he hooked up on a 21 incher.

Rock cod was taken by the Capitola mile reef – mostly browns, some blacks. And there were some dog sharks.

It was a really nice day – sun was shining and it was warm with a slight breeze. There’s still bait in the marina, and we have enough live bait for some boaters but probably not quite enough for everyone. Jigging off the wharf was good today for bait and perch, so it’s easy to get anyway.

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Capitola: Short seabass off the wharf

Joey and Seabass
Joey just caught and released this 25 inch short white seabass off the wharf using live anchovies. Expect more from Joey – he’s a real fisherman and will no doubt be hauling in some nice ones this summer.

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Good morning

It’s a beautiful day here today – no morning marine layer, so it’s already warm.В  There’s a very slight breeze and a slight (up to maybe 1 foot) southern swell.В  Bait has thinned out a bit – the seiners were in here again last night and appear to have gotten a good load – it sounded like they were onto some squid and some sardines and anchovies.В  But the birds are still diving and working the Capitola marina and other spots, so there’s still bait around (and we have lots of bait on the Capitola wharf and in the receiver).

We got a reliable call today from someone who brought in two halibut off the light house in Santa Cruz – one was short, one was 27 inches.

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