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Capitola: Hawaii right here

Hawaii right here
What a great weekend! The weather was fantastic, and we had boats visiting from S.F. Bay down to Santa Cruz and up from Monterey and Moss Landing, Kayakers and anglers from all over, and just a steady stream of smiling faces on the wharf. You don’t need to go far for a little slice of paradise – we have it right here.

It was nice to see you all. Hope you all had a happy 4th of July holiday, and come back soon!

-The folks at Capitola Boat and Bait-

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Capitola: Ling off Soquel point

Tom and his first Ling
Tom bagged his first lingcod off Soquel point today using live anchovies in a rental boat. Congratulations Tom!

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Capitola: Ling and Gray Shark off Adams Reef

Dianne and Shark And Dennis and Ling
Dianne and Dennis both scored nicely off Adam’s reef in a rental using live anchovies. Dianne got a grey shark, and Dennis got a legal ling!

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Capitola: Striper off the wharf

Paul and Striper
Paul brought in this striper off the wharf using live anchovies on a bobber at the surf line.

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Capitola: And another…

Anna and Halibut
Anna bagged hers off the Capitola reef – again using live anchovies off a rental.

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Capitola: Legal flattie off the reef

Brian and Halibut
Brian reeled in this 24 inch halibut off the capitola reef in a rental boat using live anchovies.

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Capitola: Surf lays down, halibut show up

Scott and Flattie
Scott got this legal flattie fishing live anchovies next to the surf off the wharf today.

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Capitola: Water Bats

Kids and Skate
These junior anglers wrestled up a skate off the wharf today using strips of squid on a surf leader.

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Capitola: Ooops

Sorry for the lack of reports yesterday – we have been very busy launching boats and kayaks – the weather has been awesome.

Fishing wise it continues to be slow. The southern swell has not in fact gone away – Dave – who typed that entry – was wrong. But there were still several boats that had cod. Only two just-legal halibut .

Good news: Ed has a lot of anchovies in the receiver.

We’ve not heard much from Santa Cruz. Bayside said their highliner as of yesterday was a 24 pound halibut that Zack caught. He also caught a nice ling cod and several quality rock cod fishing the lighthouse area.

Weather wise today looks like it’s going to be a repeat so come on down for a nice day on the water.

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