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Capitola: Alfred Hitchcock

Here’s a still of the shearwater action in the marina tonight. We think we have video of this – if so it’ll be posted later.

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Capitola: Note from Matt

Matt mentioned today that in their persuit of halibut they had trouble keeping rock fish off the hook. The ocean is really hopping right now.

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Capitola: Crazy John Does More Than Pretzles

Crazy John and Halibut and Ling
John of Crazy John Pretzel fame has his catch of the day here – nice pairing of ling and halibut – 15 and 20 pounds. He got these while fishing with the rest of the gang off the Santa Cruz Harbor using live anchovies.

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Capitola: What going off means

Gang and Buts
Josh, Matt, Kangus, and John (not pictured) hauled in this nice collection of 7, 10, 12, and 14 pound flatties today off the Santa Cruz lighthouse using live anchovies. Kurtis has his commercial catch here too.

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Capitola: Darn Glen Again

Darn Glen Again
Glen hooked up this 20.5 pounder off Soquel point w/ a fish trap.

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Capitola: Happy Birthday Dad

Sammy and Samuel and Halibut
Samuel and Sammy just brought in these nice flatties – 11 and 17 pounds – that they caught off O’Neil’s using live anchovies. It’s Sammy’s birthday – score!

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Wide Open Halibut

Matt and Josh and John caught four legal halibut off Santa Cruz Harbor using live anchovies.В  Doug has four as well.В  Several other boats (at least) are doing equally as well.В  Photos later.

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Radio Fish: Halibut

Word over the radio just now of a 30 pound halibut coming up in Capitola, and of others coming up in Santa Cruz. Lots of evidence that halibut is wide open today.

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Capitola: Double halibut hookup!

Charlie and Ryan and Halibut
Charlie and Ryan scored big time today with a double hookup of halibut. They were fishing in a rental boat off O’Neil’s using live chovies and each hooked up a 13 and 14 pounder. They were gaffed within two minutes of each other!

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