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Capitola: More Halibut Today!

John, Donna, Josh and Shawn brought in some nice halibut today, with Shawn’s catch the biggest weighing in at 21lbs. Caught off of O’Neill’s using live anchovy.

Ed also brought in a 13lb halibut today as well as a starry flounder.

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Radio Fish: Halibut

This is kind of getting repetitive, but… Still a good amount of talk on the radio of halibut coming up from Natural Bridges down to Capitola.В  Sounds like it might not be as hot of a bite as the last few days, but still plenty of fish coming in (if you believe the radio, that is :) ).В  Last message from Ed was that he had one on board – we’ll see what the day brings later.

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Capitola: First flattie of the day

Charlie and Halibut
Charlie brought this one into his kayak fishing 30 yards from the kelp off O’Neil’s using live anchovies.

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