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Capitola: Jim’s seveteen pounder

Jim got this one off Soquel point in about 50 feet of water using a live anchovy. Larry’s other brother farmed an ever larger halibut and a big ling cod in the same area.

Greg got a 13 pound halibut in the same area – live anchovies and one of our rental boats got a legal one. One of our own – Tony – got a legal ling today as well.

Highlight of the day: one of our renters really wanted to catch a dog shark today and though he got seasick, he did in fact get what he wanted. We didn’t get a name, he was a happy seven year old.

On the wharf, Joey got four short halibut and a number of others including Don and Andy landed shorties as well.

Looks like the swell is coming down again, so fishing’s likely to pick up in the next few days. Might be like last Friday – there are definitely signs cuz we have had a fair amount of bait in and out of the marina today.

We have plenty of anchovies in the receiver for anyone who needs them when going out tomorrow.

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Capitola: Some wharf shortie action

We still have a swell coming in, but today we’ve seen a number of short (by 1-2 inches) halibut come up on the wharf, and someone just lost a striper.

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