Title-less report

Chris got another legal one off the wharf today – his second legal halibut ever, and two other legal ones came up off the wharf as well.  All using live anchovies.  Cathy got her first halibut off the wharf – 18 inches.  And as we mentioned earlier, quite a few shorts came up.

Out on the boats, dog sharks – lots of ‘em.  A couple of boats had some nice rock cod – one with a legal halibut.  Didn’t hear of any big fish today aside from Kurtis, who got a 27 pounder.

Bait is still around, not quite as thick as it has been.  We’re hoping it gets thick before we close down tonight so Ed can get more bait for tomorrow.  Right now we only have about 5 scoops in the receiver.  The swell has gone down nicely, but Eric was saying that we *might* have another one coming.  It’s pretty far south though, so it may flatten out before it gets to us.

July 18, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports