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Capitola: To put a finer point on it…

The gang and halibuts
Here’s the gang with today’s catch of halibut. Pretty much ’tis the season folks :)

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Capitola: Swell remains down, fishing remains good

Chris Carl and Halibut and Cabezon
Chris and Carl both scored nicely today with some cabezon and 8 and 10 pound halibut. They were fishing live anchovies. The 10 pounder came in off Soquel point, the 8 pounder came in off the Capitola reef along with the cabezon.

Kurtis and Josh went out for two hours today and got three legal flatties. Dan and Pete fished all day and got 5, the biggest was 22 pounds, the smallest was 12 pounds. The first one was caught trailing hoochies, the rest were on live anchovies. There were many other radio fish as well throughout the day.

One boat hooked up and lost two white sea bass off the west end of the marina.

Bait is still around, swell is still down, and the weather is still cooperating, so it’s likely that we’ll have at least a few more great days of fishing like this.

If you’re going out fishing this week, be sure to get your licenses in advance as we’ve run out – no estimate as to when we get more yet.

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Capitola: Soquel continues to produce

Steve and Halibut
Steve got this nice 17 pounder off Soquel point using live anchovies in about 50 feet of water.

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Santa Cruz: More flatties outside the harbor

Tim and halibuts
Tim bagged these two – about 10 and 11 pounds – outside the harbor this morning using live anchovies.

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Santa Cruz: Nice halibut outside the harbor

Greg and flatties
Greg got these two outside the harbor in 50 feet of water using live anchovies. He caught the smaller one yesterday, the larger one – 17.5 pounds – was from today. Nice catch!

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