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Capitola: Still halibut in the surf

Justins son and halibut
Justin’s son caught this 26 incher off the wharf this afternoon using live anchovies in the break. There’s still some halibut and sea bass in the west edge of the marina; Dan spooled one into the kelp bed and farmed it. Double darn.

We still have bait galore in the marina and pelicans continue to put on a show all day long. There are fish all over the place – you just have to put in your time. Looks like it’s going to be pretty nice this weekend, so with a bit of luck we’ll see all kinds of action.

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Santa Cruz: Weeeeee Doggies

Shawn and huge flattie
Shawn and Josh and Kurtis went out again today and hooked up this monster 30 pounder using live anchovies. This one came in off the lighthouse.

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Capitola: Big joy in little things

Tracy and brown rock cod
Tracy was ecstatic about her brown rock cod. She caught this one from a rental off the Capitola reef using live anchovies. They also farmed a nice halibut – darn…

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Santa Cruz: Conditions are awesome

Phil and flatties
Phil caught these two halibut in 58 feet of water straight out of the harbor today.

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