Capitola: If I had time to take more than one picture…

Larry and seabass and ling
…there’d be more than one picture for today. Sorry folks – we were pretty busy. Anyway:

Here’s Larry showing off his 30 inch white seabass and a ling cod. What he’s not showing is two halibut which he already cleaned by the time we got around to taking this picture. He also had some really nice quality rock cod, including one of the biggest blacks I’ve ever seen. He was mostly fishing off Soquel point. The seabass came in on a swim bait, the halibut and rock cod were all live anchovies.

Several other boats had halibut and one had two limits of nice brown rock cod caught off the mile reef.

Conditions are still nice. There’s a little bit of swell but not enough to chase off the bait or the bite.

July 25, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports