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Capitola: Little problem with the SST and Chloro…

I’ve temporarily disabled updates of the SST and Chlorophyll charts as the generation logic is putting too much of a load on the server – I’ll have it fixed in a day or two. Sorry.

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Capitola: You need to be fishing now

The Boys and Lots of Fish
The seiners pointed the way today, and Capitola’s commercial fleet did quite well. Larry and his fish get double exposureВ  – he’s very very happy. We will not speak of any farming that might have happened…..

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Capitola: Guess what…

Larry and White Seabass

Larry was *not the first* one to catch white seabass today, but he got some nice ones – these are 30 and 33 pounders. He caught this “in front of the seiner boats” using megabaits.

More to come.

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Capitola: Flattie off Capitola Reef

Thui and Matthew and Halibut
Thui and Matthew caught this 10 pounder off the Capitola reef in a rental today using live anchovies.

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Capitola: Fourth off the wharf today

Doug and Halibut
Doug got this one – a little bit bigger (about 27 inches) off the wharf a little later this morning. All the fish off the wharf today have been caught with live anchovies and a bobber.

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Capitola: Morning Bite

Andy and Halibut
Andy got the first one (of three) legal ones off the wharf today.

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