Capitola: Sheriff Larry was not lost in the fog

JIm and White Seabass
Jim reeled this 40 pounder in first thing this morning on his brother Larry’s boat. Although this is the only fish of the morning, many others were sighted straight out by the mile reef. Nobody else has landed one yet today as far as we know.

Several thresher sharks were caught and released in the same area along with dog sharks. No halibut or rock cod today – but we only had 4 boats out so that’s not necessarily a good indicator.

Bait is still in the marina despite the fact that a swell has come up. Hopefully it won’t disturb them too much.

According to the national weather service, we have no swell. If you looked at it the other day when we had no swell, you’ll have noticed that they said we had swell. So – I guess – just read what they say and then believe the opposite.

July 31, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports