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Capitola: Consistent day for rock cod

Ken John and rock fish
Ken and John were exemplary today with their rock cod. They got these off Capitola reef using frozen anchovies. Most boats got rock fish today – only about 5 didn’t get anything. A few more legal halibut like the ones in the last post came in around midday. Halibut were coming up along the edge of the kelp towards Soquel point.

On the wharf today several black perch came up, some walleyes, some jack smelt, and some bullheads (the kids were happy).

It seemed slow overall, but most people caught something – just not prize halibut or stripers. With many anglers fishing tomorrow, someone should get lucky. Should. You know. More of that hope. Best technique tomorrow would be a bait jig with shrimp.

Weather’s beautiful, btw – the fog was not thick or low and burned off early. Actual swell (as opposed to our ‘predictions’) was down enough so that most boats came in late. We don’t forecast anymore – we report.

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Capitola: Halibut – yay

Grant, Colin, and Jim and catch
Grant, Jim, and Colin had some fun today and caught dinner – two halibut and a rock fish. They were fishing off Pleasure Point using frozen anchovies. Bon Apetit

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Capitola: Good day for rock cod

Yu and ling
We only have one picture because we had all our boats out and were pretty busy, but here’s Yu with his ling – he and his friend Sang caught limits of rock cod out around the mile reef. Most boats had fish – only a few with limits. No halibut came in today, but two undersized ones were released.

Looks like our nemesis the swell is coming back – we need to swear off forecasting that :). But weather is supposed to hold through the weekend (it was very nice today – some light morning fog then sun sun sun).

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Santa Cruz: Halibut good up the coast

Larry and Josh and flatties
Josh was the highliner *again* today with a 27 pounder – Larry was the runner up with 24 and 7 pounders. They were caught above the lighthouse using live sardines.

They jigged up the sardines off Soquel point. The bait is scattered but can be found from Soquel point on up the coast.В  Some sardines, anchovies, and mackerel came in off the Santa Cruz wharf today as well.

So – the halibut bite for now appears to be from Santa Cruz north. The good weather is from Soquel point south. Figures.

Anyway – the bite is up there for as long as you can stand to be out in it.В  The swell has in fact come down though there’s been some wind chop, so the halibut bite has a chance of picking up farther into the bay – we’ll see.

In Capitola today one rental spotted some barracuda finning and running together at the yellow buoy.

Word is some tuna came in today – check Bayside for that report.

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Capitola: …and more…

Brent Nick and rock cod
Brent and Nick caught two limits of brown and grass cod off Soquel point today working the edge of the kelp bed. They were using swim baits and frozen anchovies. Nice catch!

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Capitola: Rock cod at Soquel point

Ian and rock cod
Ian caught these rock fish – a brown and a black-and-yellow – off Soquel point today using frozen anchovies on a rock cod jig.

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Capitola: Oh – and the dolphins

Forgot to mention: we saw quite a nice little show to the east of the eastern kelp bed here today – a large pod of large dolphins charged past the edge of the kelp bed this afternoon – it was quite a display.

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Santa Cruz: The urge to lie about this here is strong, but….

Commercial crew and flatties
Here’s the facts:

Josh is the highliner today with a 24 pounder – he got it and a few other nice ones off 4 mile. Dan’s big one was in the same area – it was 23 pounds. Kurtis ran all the way up to Davenport for two small ones. All were caught live sardines. Dan also got two off Soquel point – one 15 and one small one.

The rentals came in with a few rock cod – nothing to brag about (browns and blacks). There were no barracuda, but it was foggy today so it was hard to see bird action.

The fog did burn off about 11:00am – it was very nice in Capitola. It was not as nice as you went up the coast, but it was still fishable most of the day.

Bait was pretty scarce despite last night’s deluge, but Dan did find a big ball of bait off Soquel point in 60 feet of water.

The frosting on this particular cake – over the radio a few boats went out looking for tuna again today – no joy. Some fish were marked, and one boat had something really big break off his gear, but as far as we heard, there will be no tuna being eaten tonight.

So – we continue to wait, and we continue to hope. At least some fish were caught today – arguably this is a big improvement on yesterday. Ed is willing to hazard that the swell does appear (once again) to be going down some. Now – our marksmanship here has not been so good. But. You know. One continues to hope.

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Santa Cruz: Radio Fish – Rock Cod and Lings

Word over the radio from a boat that got a decent catch fishing at south rock and the lane – a number of rock cod and a decent sized ling.


Reports of lots of sardines in front of the harbor and Mitchel’s (?)

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Capitola: Crazy bait

At this hour there is an incredible amount of bait just at the edge of the marina here – it sounds like it’s raining.

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Capitola: Whew

Modersohn family and barracuda and rock cod
Well, the weather is beautiful!!

We had very few boats out today, so the Modersohn family were our highliners here with this barracuda. They caught it inside the mile reef using a sassy shad swim bait. The rock cod were caught with the sassy shad and frozen anchovies on a halibut rig. They saw quite a bit of bird action – pelicans diving, etc.

If you want to have some fun with barracuda, shine up your megabaits, castmasters, crocodiles, shiny weighted jigs, and look for the bird action. Usually you’ll want to stop about 100 feet away from the birds and cast out and let it drift down for about 4 seconds then start cranking back. Barracuda fight hard for a skinny little fish, and are quite fun to catch. They feel like something three times their size. And they’re good eating.

Kurtis got a 14 pound ling on a live sardine at the Santa Cruz mile buoy. We didn’t hear anything else out of Santa Cruz except for some intriguing radio traffic that, in short, sounded a lot like someone might have found Jaws. Not sure what that’s about – maybe Todd at Bayside will have some details.

We’ve still got a ground swell coming in here, so fishing is still a bit challenging. But, there are lots of sardines around to jig up, so if you like sardines it’s a banquet out there.

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Capitola: Double ling hookup saves the day

Donna and her first ling
Donna got her first lingcod today – a 7 pounder. She got it fishing live sardines off Adam’s reef. Congratulations Donna!

Ed got back in proudly flying the skunk flag – he’s been paying his dues. He had two good takedowns inside the mile reef late this morning (around 11:00am). Pelicans are diving on little pockets of bait in the marina – sure hope something comes in for the Begonia Festival tournament. Stay tuned – when things change you’ll know it first.

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Capitola: Still slow going

John and rock fish
John just came in with a couple of rock cod he caught in the eastern kelp bed on a shrimp fly jig with some squid pieces.

Earlier today Larry, Phil, and Kurtis came in with some small halibut ranging from 7-9 pounds. Kurtis said there was a consistent early bite of small fish, but they were finicky – they’d take the bait and spool line out, but ultimately he lost several when they apparently just spit the bait.

We have a ground swell going on right now (along with some nasty wind chop) that’s not helping things, and word on the radio is that the same pattern holds – small halibut here and there – all the way up to 4 mile. Looks like the red tide that was hanging around here has moved west a bit – it’s now in front of the harbor in a big way.

One silver lining: weather’s gorgeous here at the Capitola wharf – we’re due for some pretty warm weather, and it seems that it’s starting to move in.

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Capitola: Sometimes you just have to put in your time

Humpback Whale hump
Today was not so good for fishing. With the exception of the commercial fleet getting some rock cod, we only saw one small (legal) halibut come in.

There was a *lot* of whale action today. Kurtis – out pretty far – had a whole pod of humpbacks breach on him about 20 yards off his bow. And Ed was looking for seabass (no luck) and while doing that had a humpback come up 50 feet in front of him as he was doing 10 knots! He went into neutral and went over the wake that the whale left. It was intense!

Other than that however, no fish except for sardines, which Ed jigged up off New Brighton in about 40-50 feet of water. Sardines were from there down to the cement ship.

The day itself was great. The fog was a bit thick in the morning, but the water was flat. After the fog lifted there was not really much wind, so it was a nice day to just be out there. But – that’s about it. This is what ‘putting in your time’ is all about folks.

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Begonia Festival Fishing Derby

The annual Begonia Festival fishing derby will be on September 1st this year. This all-ages event starts at 6:00am Monday September 1st and the final tally starts at 11:00am. There are lots of prizes – trophies, gift certificates, a free skiff rental, fishing gear, and more. This is a really great event for the family – bring the kids and have some fun!

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Capitola: Beautiful dismal day

Jeff and rock cod
Results were a little slower today. One little halibut came in, some nice browns, some blacks, some blacks and yellows, one legal ling, one teeny weenie little thresher. But there were a lot of smiling faces – weather wise nice and a few boats got to see a humpback blowing its nose about two miles straight off the wharf. Guess where I’m going tomorrow :)Still little splotches of red tide close to the wharf, and not a lot of wharf action except: there was a report of a striper chasing a krocodile down close to the beach. There’s a thing that’s more of a surge than a swell going on, and that’s probably the culprit.

New and improved Boat Bucks are available here.

P.S. Our apologies to Aaron – we had a camera problem and lost the photo of you with your rock cod, else we would have posted it.

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Capitola: Nicer day so far

Kristina and rock cod
Here’s Kristina with a black rock cod. She got this out at the mile reef using the always reliable shrimp fly jig. The fog has retreated but it looks like it’s going to come back in real quick. The swell is down more, and there are only small remants of the red tide – a few red streaks here and there. We’ll see what happens when the fleet comes in.

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