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Capitola: Darn

Well, as it turns out the rumor was exactly correct IF you’re from Fresno. If you’re from Fresno, you’re very likely to use the words ‘sea bass’ in place of where we on the coast would use the words ‘rock cod’. So unfortunately there were no seabass (the croaker variety) caught today on a rental boat. Darn.

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Capitola: Soquel point – you know the drill

Ken and Halibut
Ken landed this 25 inch halibut off Soquel point in a rental today using live anchovies. Sheriff Larry also brought in a 24 incher – we didn’t get a picture though cuz he doesn’t do pictures with small fish.

Larry saw white seabass this morning as well – in the same area that Kurtis and Josh did. And he had the same problem Kurtis and Josh did – too much glare, ran over them – spooked them. And yes darn.

We have heard a rumor that we have a rental out of here (Capitola) that’s got three seabass aboard now. It’s just a rumor, but probably good ‘cuz it comes from Darn Glen. If there’s truth to it, there will most definitely be pictures later.

Weekend’s coming up – if you want to get out on a rental, best call now – we’re likely to be busy.

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Santa Cruz: Pretzels? Fish? Pretzels? Fish?

John and Ling
John chose fish and ended up landing this very nice 13 pound ling fishing live anchovies in front of the harbor.

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Capitola: Sighted, not caught

Kurtis and Josh came across a school of white seabass this morning in the same area – about 40-50 feet of water off the cement ship. There was no fog at the time however so it was difficult to spot schools (there was a lot of glare and they ended up driving over them – bummer).

There appear to be seiners working the same area, so if you’re going to go looking, those boats might be a good marker.

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