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Capitola: Well……

Water World
In short: it was a slow day. It started out quite foggy with nice flat water with a bit of swell, and turned into a beautiful sunny day around noon. Quite a few boats had some small rock cod, and there were several better than legal halibut caught off Soquel point. Tim caught one legal white sea bass off of privates.

Early in the morning we had a report – a reliable one – that seabass were spotted in the same area. No hookups again, but they’re still out there somewhere earning the nickname ‘ghosts’. Later in the afternoon we saw one short white seabass come up on the wharf, which is an encouraging sign.

Bait is kind of sparse, but kids were getting anchovies off the wharf later in the afternoon.

Otherwise, the swell is coming down, and the weather is great. We didn’t get any pictures today because we were just slammed – we had all our boats out. So the picture today is one of the marina in the late afternoon. Regulars of the marina will recognize ‘water world’ going on toward the right side of the frame.

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