Capitola: A better day than yesterday

Can’t beat this weather. The fog tried to come in but just backed off – it didn’t get down to the water so even when it was thick you could see a lot. The swell has dropped back down and bait is coming in thick.

Quite a few rock cod came in today – vermillions, browns, blacks, black and yellows, coppers, and gopher cod. Glen got a real nice rubberlip perch. A few legal halibut came in as well. Nothing big came in on the boats, but quite a few white seabass were lost today, and many more were spotted. There was one legal seabass caught on the west edge of the marina that was brought in last night.

On the wharf today aside from Joey’s fish a legal one came up in the surf on a live anchovy, and there’s been a lot of bait coming up.

The Larsons are still out fishing so something good might still come in – we’ll report it if it isn’t too late.

If you’re going to be fishing tomorrow, we’ll have live bait here in both the receiver and the tank on the wharf.

August 3, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports