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Capitola: Camera time fixed

We just realized the clock on the camera has been off by a day and a half or so since basically forever. It’s been fixed. Up ’til today’s photos you basically need to add about a day and a half to the EXIF time stamp. Sorry for the confusion.

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Capitola: Hail Mary saves the day

Josh and HOG seabass
Holy Frijoles!!! Josh wrestled this monster seabass into the boat this morning using a fish trap. Kurtis got one too – his was 30 pounds. Josh’s hog busted our scale. Our scale topped off at 50 pounds, so this is at least between 50 and 60 pounds. Unbelievable.

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Capitola: Nice striper off the wharf!

Gary and Striper
Finally. Gary brought up this beautiful 18 pounder off the wharf this afternoon using live anchovies just outside the surf line. Congratulations Gary!

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