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Capitola: Nice way to end the day.

Feng bagged this nice halibut off the Capitola reef using a live anchovy..

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Capitola: Halibut off the mile reef

Bert and halibut
Bert scored this eleven pounder fishing live anchovies off the mile reef today. Joey got one today as well – same area, same bait.

There were only a few seabass sightings today, so they may have done their ghost thing for now. There’s a rumor that one was caught off the mile reef here that went into the harbor – we didn’t see it or hear any more about it so if Todd doesn’t have a picture it may not have happened.

Pelicans are still here, so no fishing off the wharf at the moment.

Otherwise, the swell is down, there’s still a bunch of bait around, and it looks like threshers are visiting big time.

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Capitola: Thrasher Day, Part 2

Rick Bill Brent and lots of threshers
Rick, Bill, and Brent hooked up on threshers big time off the cement ship today. They actually hooked up 18 of them today, but could only keep two each, so here they are. They were using live anchovies on a steel wire leader. We don’t have steel leaders here, so if you’re going to go fishing for threshers you should get your leaders before you show up.

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Capitola: Thrasher day, part 1

Roman and thresher
Roman hooked up this thresher sharek while he and his family went out fishing by the mile reef. He got it on live anchovies in a rental. Roman was pretty happy – it was his first shark.

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Capitola: First time anglers strike rock cod gold

Robert Angelica and their catch
Robert and Angelica hooked up a nice bunch of rock fish fishing live anchovies off the mile reef in a rental today. Beginner’s luck – it’s not just a phenomena – it’s a law of nature. Come back soon you two – beginner’s luck usually lasts at least a couple of trips :)

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Santa Cruz: CORRECTION: Santa Cruz wharf fishing is still open

Sorry foks – it turns out that fishing is still open on the Santa Cruz wharf at the moment. The wires got crossed on this one a bit.

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Capitola: Nice day on the water

Peg Dave blue and ling
Peg and Dave spent some time out in front of O’Neil’s this morning in a rental and came back with a blue and a nice ling. They were using live anchovies on a halibut rig. Way to go you guys :)

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Capitola: Wharf fishing shutdown

[NOTE: edited to remove erroneous inclusion of Santa Cruz in the list of closed wharves]

This is a bummer, but word just came in that wharf fishing is temporarily suspended (as in not allowed) on the Capitola and Seacliff wharves. The problem is that we’ve had pelicans working bait heavily for the last week or two, and the birds have been getting tangled and snagged in fishing lines and hooks. Quite a few birds have been injured. So the word right now is fishing is suspended for three days. Another version however has it that fishing is suspended until the pelicans are no longer feeding.

We’ll post more when we know it.

When fishing does resume, bear in mind that you should always pay attention to where you’re casting. Many of the entanglements were avoidable.

This does not affect fishing from boats of any kind.


As to the source of this information: A city of Capitola manager came down the wharf this morning and explained all this to us – and stopped everyone in sight from fishing. Supposedly some notices will be posted and we should expect patrols from CF&G on the wharves.

All of this is an extension of what’s described in this Sentinel article


This article might be a good one to keep your eye on.



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Capitola: There have been some questions…..

Josh and the scale breaker
It is real (this is the fish from yesterday – different perspective).

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