Capitola: Wharf fishing shutdown

[NOTE: edited to remove erroneous inclusion of Santa Cruz in the list of closed wharves]

This is a bummer, but word just came in that wharf fishing is temporarily suspended (as in not allowed) on the Capitola and Seacliff wharves. The problem is that we’ve had pelicans working bait heavily for the last week or two, and the birds have been getting tangled and snagged in fishing lines and hooks. Quite a few birds have been injured. So the word right now is fishing is suspended for three days. Another version however has it that fishing is suspended until the pelicans are no longer feeding.

We’ll post more when we know it.

When fishing does resume, bear in mind that you should always pay attention to where you’re casting. Many of the entanglements were avoidable.

This does not affect fishing from boats of any kind.


As to the source of this information: A city of Capitola manager came down the wharf this morning and explained all this to us – and stopped everyone in sight from fishing. Supposedly some notices will be posted and we should expect patrols from CF&G on the wharves.

All of this is an extension of what’s described in this Sentinel article


This article might be a good one to keep your eye on.



August 6, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. SCFishman - August 6, 2008

    Have you guys read the comments posted to the Sentinel article? These guys think everyone who fishes off the wharf is a drunk jail bird trying to snag pelicans so they can kill them! What a joke… just another article attempting to make all fishermen look like the bad guy. Read it and post a comment… let them know what real fishermen think.