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Capitola: The Munkster scores again

The Munkster scores again
Phiil grappled with (and won against) this 20 pounder this afternoon fishing live anchovies off the mile reef.

Some of the rental boats scored with some legal (but not the biggest) halibut, some rock cod (mostly browns), a few ling cod, and a couple of hooked-but-lost threshers. Unfortunately we were short staffed today and were unable to get pictures of pretty much most of these. Sorry folks. We need to get something like a “stand here and smile” auto-camera or something.

As you can probably see, the birds are still here, by the way. Lots of them. LOTS. You may want to bring an umbrella if you get my meaning. But – as we said earlier, if you’re missing the wharf fishing we have plenty of kayaks to rent, and of course we have the skiffs – just call ahead of time for those to reserve.

Needless to say, there’s a TON of bait around here right now. It’s too bad there’s no wharf fishing – there are probably lots of fish in the water.

OH – and Kurtis did not fly the skunk flag today. But – all he got today were some relatively small (10 pound) ones. He, like Larry, doesn’t “do” pictures with small fish.

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Capitola: …more…

Aaron and first halibut ever
Aaron got his first halibut ever – this nice 21 pounder – fishing live anchovies off Soquel point in the same sort of depth. His boat lost two others in the process. Probably one of those went over to……

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Capitola: …and more…

Jim and halibut
Jim hooked up this pristine beauty fishing live anchovies off Soquel point in 45 – 50 feet of water. A lot of the fish were in this depth. A lot, you ask?? Because…..

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Capitola: Here come the halibut

Jason and Justin and Halibuts
Jason and Justin scored two luscious halibut off the mile reef in a rental using live anchovies. And – hang on to your shorts, there are more…..

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Boat Bucks!

Get your first edition Boat Bucks and save $10 on all day rentals from 8/18/2008-8/21/2008. Just download and print this file and bring ‘em in. There are $30 worth of boat bucks per sheet. Print as many as you want – give them to friends – decorate your walls :)

You can also just print this one:


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Capitola: Pelicast Day 3

Pelicast Day 3
Yep. Sigh.

We have kayaks to rent if you want to get out and fish the marina.

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