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Capitola: Mile reef was good today

Brian and flattie
Brian brought in this 11 pounder fishing live anchovies at the mile reef today. Quite a few (maybe a total of 18) halibut between 20 and 25 pounds came in on the rentals today. Sadly, many of them got sunburned today – remember to bring a burlap sack or an old towel so you can keep your fish in the shade and moist. We didn’t take pictures of them cuz they didn’t look so great.

Another boat that we unfortunately did not get photos of scored *very* impressively today. Tim, Dan, and Dave came in with five white sea bass in the 32 to 35 inch range caught off Soquel point. They also had six halibut in the 7-10 pound range. They were the first boat out and the last boat in. Amazing catch you guys!

Swell is still down, still have lots of bait (and pelicans), weather looks amazing for tomorrow. We’ll have lots of live bait in the receiver and the tank on the wharf tomorrow. Come on down – the fishing is great!

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Capitola: Myron christens his boat

Myron and flattie
Looks like Myron didn’t “wanna gofer swim” today; He hooked up with this lively 25 pounder in his new boat today fishing live anchovies off the milie reef.

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Capitola: The halibut stampede continues

Ross and Josh and Halibut and Rock cod
Ross and Josh brought in this delicious 23 pound birthday fish (Ross’s). They caught it fishing live anchovies off the mile reef. The rock cod came in inside of the mile reef. Happy Birthday Ross!

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Capitola: Halibut off ONeils – and Pelicast day 4

John and halibut
John just came in with this 18 pounder. He got it off O’Neil’s in a rental using live anchovies on a three way swivel halibut rig. John said he lost a larger one – it went right through his net (he was bummed – the one that got away may have been twice the size of the one he caught).

The pelicans – yes – the pelicans.

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