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Capitola: Oh – and – the pelican situation

It *might* be the case that they’re finally starting to move on – their numbers are definitely down this afternoon from what they have been. Too early to tell, but it’s a hopeful sign.

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Capitola: A decent day for fishing.

Forest and flattie
Forest brought in this legal one when all the rentals were coming in. We didn’t get a chance to ask him the where and on what stuff, but he definitely got one.

About half the rentals came in with brown rock cod today – they seemed to be on the bite. Ivan and his dad had three legal halibut working the shallows on the west side of the wharf and released 12 shorts. There were some other halibut that we didn’t get photos of – they were mostly all smaller just-legal fish. On the other hand, most boats broke something large-ish off today – probably sharks. There was a report of a thrasher that got hooked up but broke off after a five minute fight toward the cement ship.

One of our regular kayak anglers mentioned that he saw one seabass today – he didn’t hook up with it as it skedaddled into the kelp.

Folks who were fishing more toward Santa Cruz said there was a nasty wind-chop swell; sheriff Larry said he had water coming over his bow much of the day. He also said “there were 100 boats and one fish caught”. Larry came in around 12, so no clue as to what happened up there after that.

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Capitola: Shay gets her first halibut

Shay and Brooke and halibut
Shay reeled in her first ever halibut today, and Brooke helped! She hooked this one up out by the mile reef using live anchovies. Congratulations Shay!! :)

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Capitola: No Bananas

Justin and halibut
Justin had better luck with no bananas in the boat: no treble hooks in the fingers, and he definitely got back into the groove today with this 19 pounder. He got this one fishing live anchovies off Soquel point. Welcome back Justin!

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Capitola: Father and son do well

Paul and son and halibut
Paul and his son got this 20 pounder fishing live anchovies off Soquel point, another keeper, a few rock cod, and had something big strip him off into the kelp. It was a very good day.

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Capitola: Dinner is served

Tom and halibut
After paying his dues last week, Tom finally cashed in with this 11 pound 4-dinner special. He was fishing live anchovies out by the mile reef.

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Capitola: Pelicast day 6

pelicast day 6

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