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Capitola: Commercial fleet brings home the bacon

Dan and Kurtis and Catch
Dan and Kurtis did well today as well – Kurtis got a 30 pounder, and Dan two – one 30 and one 40 pounds. Dan also got a few halibut and a ling. It was a perfect day for ghost hunting – there was fog all day but not too close to the deck, and the seas stayed pretty flat.

On the wharf today people started fishing again, but no landings so far. Jerry had something on that ran real good with his bait, but it got off.

Don’t forget that next week Monday through Thursday you can get $10 off all day motorized skiff rentals with boat bucks. Seabass hunting is pretty good during that time of the week as the number of boats out is usually less (ghosts are easily spooked).

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Capitola: Ed is on a roll

Ed and Halibut
Ed went back out after his earlier victory and hooked this 30 incher. He was using live anchovies at the mile buoy.

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Capitola: Productive day drifting

Jamie Suzanne and halibuts
Jamie and Suzanne drifted between the eastern kelp bed and seacliff and picked up these two halibut drifting a combination of live and frozen anchovies. They picked up some rock cod on the drift as well. Nice catch!

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No More Pelicasts – Wharf Fishing is Open

Just got the word – they’ve re-opened wharf fishing! Come on down – there might be lots of flatties piled up at the surf line now.

[edit - more info]

Frank (our fearless owner) got the word from the city a little while ago, and then someone possibly named Ed from Capitola public works called and asked us to take the signs down.


Yes, Capitola is a small town :)

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Capitola: Forest brought the fish but Savannah brought the luck…

We forgot to post this one yesterday, but this is Savannah with the fish that Forest caught. She went out fishing with him and was pretty happy to be part of the whole thing. This is from yesterday, so you can see the pelicans. Today the bait has definitely moved out, and as we mentioned the pelicans appear to be gone.

Oh – and Ed says that outside the area he got his hog (previous post) there were lots of good bait signs.

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Capitola: Nothing like an eerie creepy morning to bring out the…..

Ed and Monger and HOG

Ed scored BIG time today with this hog. It maxed out our busted scale at 50 pounds – it’s bigger than that. We have a scale coming sometime this week – maybe it’ll keep on ice that long.

Ed got this using a McKee rig in 50 feet of water in front of the wharf. Dan also has two on board now – we’ll have pictures later. Kurtis may have one at this point as well.

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Capitola: Pelicast Day 7 – Could it be???

Pelicast Day 7
This morning we have no pelicans! Last night there was a wind swell of some sort – it may have played a role in this as far as scaring the bait off. But – if this holds, we certainly hope that the powers that be will lift the wharf fishing ban soon.

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