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Capitola: There be ghosts in these parts

Larry and White Seabass
Larry got this 34 pounder this morning out by the mile buoy. This goes once again to *prove* Larry’s theory that “there are no fish by the mile buoy!” — except for this one and the 40 pounder that Ed got today and the five others that Kurtis got. The guys are tired of the portraits, but – we could do a pile of fish I suppose if y’all don’t believe it ;)

Also today Mike got a 17 pounder and Dan got a 25 incher.

Otherwise, conditions today were similar to yesterday – fog but not too close to the deck, little wind, calm seas – good ghost hunting weather. There’s a lot of bait between 40-60 feet of water in scattered balls from Soquel point to the cement ship. Still excellent conditions.

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Capitola: Nice halibut in the flats

Henri and Robert and Halibut
Henri brought in this beautiful 25 pounder today fishing live anchovies between the wharf and the mile buoy in a rental – nice fish!!

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