Capitola: Words of the day: seabass and barracuda

There are still quite a lot of seabass around, and they’re being caught. The commercial fleet did well today, and Todd reports that some boats out of Santa Cruz scored nicely as well. The wind picked up a bit this afternoon which made spotting a bit more difficult, but fish were still caught.

Slow day on the rentals today – only one boat came in with fish, and it was a limit of brown rock cod. That’s not saying much though, as we only had four boats out, and two of those didn’t leave early.

Conditions remain good – the seas have been relatively flat, wind calm, and the fog has been around but not too dense at lower levels. Bait is still around a couple miles out, and there have been plenty of barracuda out there chasing it around.

Next week is boat bucks week – come out out and have some fun on the cheap.

August 13, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports