Capitola: Seabass good, everything else – notsomuch

Levi and William and halibut
Levi and William were the highliners on the rentals today with this legal halibut. We didn’t have many out today but more than half came in with something. One came in with half a bucket of mackerel. Just a few rock fish here and there, but they were good sized blacks and browns.

Even though Josh was the only one to come in with a seabass today, most of the regulars spotted them. Ken who fishes on his kayak was astounded when he saw them appear off the mile reef. The two that Josh picked up were thanks to a boat on the radio, who threw out a hair raiser and picked up a nice fish down off the cement ship. The guy mentioned on the radio that didn’t know what the fish was and said he had all these fish schooling around his boat he didn’t recognize. Josh, who was jiggig up sardines at the time a few hundred yards away from him overheard it and went over and picked up two before the fleet came and disbursed the fish.

The barracuda were sighted out around Adams reef – none caught (the guys who spotted them didn’t want them).

There were a couple of legal halibut caught off the wharf today along with several shorts. Bait is still out of the marina – we’re hoping something comes in before the weekend.

Bait remains out in 40-60 feet of water here for now. Bocci has tons of it in the harbor – they inherited our pelican problem it seems too.

August 14, 2008   Posted in: Fishing Reports