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Not so much a fishing report, but….В В  With the huge balls of sardines we have now, we also have some spectacular humpback whale action going on, particularly off the cement ship.В  Maybe we’ll get some pictures tomorrow – they’ve been breaching all afternoon here.

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Capitola: Bit slow today

Zack and lingcod
Zack (pictured) and John hooked up this ling and a half dozen or so brown rock cod today fishing live bait of various sorts off the western kelp beds. It’s been slow today – only 6 rentals out, and so far this is the only catch we’ve seen.

There’s not been any talk of seabass on the radio, so they may have done their disappearing act for now. They come – they go – they’ll likely be back. The fact is there’s quite a lot of bait in the area now – John got into some herring, and sheriff Larry said that yesterday he sounded the largest ball of sardines he’s ever seen. Lots of anchovies around – really generally favorable conditions, so it’s probably a question of the moon lining up or something for the bite to turn on :)

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