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Capitola: Girls always do best!

Good day guys. Hope it’s your turn tomorrow!

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Capitola: All or nothing day

Shani and thresher
Shani got this 30 pound thresher shark off the mile buoy using a live anchovy. This was pretty much the high-liner fish off the rentals today. Fishing was slow – most of the rentals that got fish just got a few rock cod (mostly browns) here and there. The problem was that a swell came up this morning and pretty much ruined the halibut bite. One rental said he lost a nice halibut – maybe 30 pounds; he was just starting to see color when the hook popped out. Ugh.

If you like sardines, *wide open*. There are *huge* balls of sardines mostly towards the cement ship, and whales are still feeding on them – very cool to watch.

Off the wharf, last night someone fishing at the surfline got spooled by something using a live anchovy he jigged up, but whatever it was got off. Today some small fish – jacksmelt and perch – were seeing light, but nothing spectacular.

But obviously the seabass activity is pretty intense, and it’s pretty likely they’ll be around tomorrow what with all the sardines and all. I’m going fishing for them tomorrow – you’ll know when I do.

Boat Bucks start tomorrow – print them out and come on in.

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Capitola: Booo!

Shawn and seabass
Shawn scored this 42 pounder fishing with Josh this morning fishing the same area. It’s her biggest fish of any kind to date. Shawn has been a fish catching machine this year.

Not much coming in off the wharf so far today – a slight swell is up that’s probably putting the halibut off the bite.

We have the whole rental fleet out today, so we’ll get a good sense of things after they get back in.

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Capitola: Ghosts are on the haunt

Jim Larry and seabass
This was Jim’s last fishing trip of the summer, and what a way to cap it off! Sheriff Larry got a 52 pounder, and Jim got two – 34 and 44 pounds. They were fishing the same area that Jim in the previous post was. See you next year Jim.

Don’t forget that tomorrow through Thursday you can get $10 off all day motorized skiff rentals with boat bucks.

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Capitola: If you go where all the boats are…

Jim and seabass
…you’re almost guaranteed NOT to find a seabass. Jim did battle with this 46 pounder inside the fleet off the cement ship. Nice – congratulations Jim! Rumor is we will see a few more come in today.

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